FaasForm Released

MindPetal’s FaaSForms solution, with “FaaS” representing “Forms as a Service,” provides government agencies with a cloud-based, self-service portal for their users to easily access, manipulate and publish their organization’s document assets. Through FaaSForms, MindPetal enables an automated, interview-based assembly of your organization’s forms, contracts, templates, and other document assets. FaaSForms allows you to simplify document assembly by managing their style (look and feel); structure (organization and content placement); and relevant logic (conditions, variables, calculations and more). Once a document is assembled, FaaSForms can integrate with an existing workflow system, create simple workflows within FaaSForms, send the final output via email (in multiple formats including MS Word, RTF, PDF), or create an XML document to allow you to conduct any post-processing steps in your existing systems. There is also a full API available for FaaSForms to allow for any customized integration that may be necessary.

FaaSForms delivers an array of benefits to help your organization more quickly and economically manage your forms and templates:

  • Make changes required in multiple forms and templates in only one location

  • Prepare documents faster through automated wizards supported by workflow integration

  • Greatly reduce the possibility of human error when preparing official documents

  • Easily ensure compliance with ever changing mandates and regulationstt

  • Improve organizational morale and productivity by eliminating the need for simple, redundant tasks

  • Enhance the user experience by simplifying the document assembly and authoring process

  • Streamline review and escalation processes through logical, fluid workflows

  • Integrate with existing business rules repositories and other authoritative data sources

  • Leverage robust cyber security and scalability for a fraction of traditional hosting, operations, and maintenance costs

Check out www.faasforms.com

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