Public Sector Solutions through Data Standardization

MindPetal has been working with our Government client whose mission is promote world peace and friendship, and change lives all over the world in 3rd world and under-developed nations.  Our team has been working alongside the business owners to provide architecture and design services supporting the Data Warehouse used by multiple geographically dispersed Government and volunteer staff at Headquarters, Regional Recruiting Offices and Overseas Posts. 

Some of the key objectives for the design of the project include:

  1. Provide the structure and design for the Project.
  2. Work with geographically dispersed business units to formulate and document all requirements.
  3. Prepare logical, physical data models and provided Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) processing.
  4. Develop User Interface processes and procedures.
  5. Define data warehouse standards and conventions.
  6. Develop a strategic plan for support of the client’s future information requirements. Building a framework for accurately capturing, sharing, distributing, securing, and leveraging the client’s data resources.
  7. Analysis of new technologies and products to ensure the continuity and advancement of data and technology architectures to meet our client’s information requirements.

MindPetal’s design and approach for data warehouse implemented industry recommended best practice for data warehouse activities. Practice implementations included recommendations to process changes, as well as the planning, design and development of data warehouse best practices.