Public Sector Solutions for BPM/SOA

The Mindpetal team was involved in the redesign of the nation’s sole repository of occupational safety and health information system that includes:

  1. A system built using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework enabling loose coupling and reuse of components
  2. Seamless data exchanges between external systems and labs to eliminate duplicate data entry and data redundancy
  3. Robust treading and reporting capability utilizing reporting tools like Business Objects and Crystal Reports,
  4. A Business Process Management (BPM) service that provides the ability to manage and create new workflows to co-ordinate activities. The workflow service uses business rules to control the sequence of activities, and provides a task list for each user.

MindPetal reviewed and analyzed existing functional and system requirements, leading to the development of a SOA-based architecture for the new OIS. Architecture changes to the existing product mix accommodated rapid application development, shorten the development cycle, enabled efficient reuse of system components and fostered deployment based on condensed timeline. Analysis included evaluating the legacy and pilot applications and determining how best to utilize COTS products to maximize their benefits for the client.

The new information susyetm exchanges data with external systems and the legacy Mainframe-based application through the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). The BPM Engine handles processes related to Inspections, Citation Assembly, Consultation, Penalty Calculation, Health Sampling, and Establishment Management. Our design provides flexibility to make changes to processes and to deploy new processes quickly.

COTS components of the system include Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Oracle Busi-ness Process Manager (BPM), Oracle Identity Manager, Aqualogic User Interface (ALUI), Alfresco, and Business Objects.

The team also had the responsibility to setup the configuration management system (CMS) for the OIS project. The users of the CMS included OIS Project Management Office (PMO), stakeholders, and integrators. IBM Rational products Clear Case, Clear Quest, RequisitePro, and Team Concert were used for project configuration management and quality assurance. Processes for tracking requirements, change requests, defects, and documents were setup using these products.