Healthcare Sector Solutions through Agile Development

Mindpetal has been working very closely with a Government agency in the healthcare domain that requires seamless integration with multiple agencies and their systems. This agency was looking to modernize its infrastructure and application development technologies.  MindPetal supported this engagement with a SOA/BPM implementation that featured reengineering and redevelopment in an Oracle 11g environment to support a set of interoperable and re-usable services that can be applied across the entire agency.  Through this modernization, we’ve eliminated multiple stovepipes within the agency and provided a more automated relationship between inspections (domestic and foreign), compliance activities, recall reporting and management, import screening and review, sample collection and sample analysis work.


MindPetal supports the agency business domain, providing a unified, centralized solution for the planning, issuance, and tracking of work assignments and reporting of accomplishments within as well as other systems. The system is one of the largest and most visible components in this modernization effort, and it is intended to replace and substantially improve upon the current work management tools. MindPetal validated requirements and specified, designed, developed, and tested the application, business processes, and services to prepare them for deployment in the relevant releases. MindPetal also is developing the Service Catalog elements, integrating them with the services in other service components.


MindPetal developed a prototype which demonstrates and validates the current product stack and ensures that future integration points are well defined across development teams.  We identified, recommended, developed and implemented processes and artifacts which support and enhance integration and development efficiency across the agency.  We provided a Lesson Learned Presentation, providing a proposed roadmap for achieving enhanced efficiencies during development which focuses on successful integration across vertical development activities, and a distilled Technical Architecture from the Services down to the technical development level.