Our Culture

  • Customer Service.    MindPetal is a customer oriented company.   Our customers trust us to solve their hardest and most challenging problems that sometimes keeps us up all night thinking, designing, and implementing solutions that reimagine tomorrow.

  • Have Fun.   Each of us chooses to spend our time and energy with organizations that give us professional growth and a satisfaction at the end of the day that we accomplished something.   While there will be times at MindPetal that you will work your butt off, there are also times where we celebrate success and go home with a sense of pride that we made a difference. 

  • Community Involvement.    Or better said… “community engagement”.   MindPetal is intimately involved in several local, national, and international community initiatives (name them if we can).    Our contribution starts with your passion around the programs, initiatives, and missions that you want to create impact within and how MindPetal can marshal our resources to make a difference.

  • Professional Development.     MindPetal invests in everyone and their career development path.  Whether you want to move from developer to architect, from architect to project manager (PM), or from PM to business development and our executive tracks.   We provide tuition assistance, professional mentoring, and experienced-based learning shadowed by professionals who have “lived” the career path you’re aspiring to become.  

  •  Teamwork.   Everyone talks about teamwork.   We live it.   Solving our customers hardest and most challenging problems takes a culture of ideas, success, failure, and rewarding the sheer fact that someone might have a better idea than everyone else based on their experience, expertise, lessons learned, and passion to solve.