Acceleration Center

MindPetal’s Acceleration Center blends the best of a think tank, incubator, and accelerator to solve our customers hardest and most challenging problems.   In this fast paced, unconstrained, and highly innovative environment MindPetal rolls up our sleeves and rockets our customers through a solution design, blueprinting, and engineering process that accelerates the “art of the possible” using tools, techniques, and platforms that are built for speed.

Always Automate

MindPetal customers are busy and expect tomorrow’s solutions to simplify day-to-day complexity that puts more time back in their day.

Outcome vs. Output Focused

Requirements are always going to change.   Mission and business requirements are changing and evolving a record paces and tomorrow’s solutio...

Reimagine vs. Redevelop

Yesterday’s solutions are rigid, complex, and costly.  They create constraints that restrict innovation and your ability to change quickly a...

Configure Tomorrow vs. Customize Yesterday

Sit down with our design engineers to quickly design, blueprint, model, and configure your solution in hours / days that meet your exact spe...